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Proactive Cybersecurity


We know from firsthand experience, that a good defense is based on understanding the attacker’s

methods, the drive and the practical technical domain.


About Us
CyberHat's security solutions are designed, executed and operated by elite Israeli cybersecurity experts. Hackers, defenders and investigators with state and corporate level experience.
CyberHat provides professional cybersecurity solutions that enable practical and active defenses, allowing our clients to grow their business while keeping a secure working environment.
Our experience comes from hands-on deep cybersecurity forensic and postmortem investigations, advanced hacking simulations and cyber assessments for companies of all sizes from the fortune 500 to small and medium-sized businesses. We protect financial services, retailers, telecoms, energy and infrastructure organizations around the world.

Team members

Hacking Simulations

Cyber Projects

Closed IR cases


The world's first smart SOC as a service. Designed, built and is operated by Israel’s top cyber security experts.

Cyber Security Assessment

Our unique cyber security readiness assessment is based on our “attacker oriented” approach and our hands on experience.

Hacking Simulation

CyberHat hacking simulation replicates a motivated group of hackers and crackers that target the organization's critical assets.